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Welcome to Mary Wood’s Blog

Welcome to Mary Wood’s insights on Education in the US blog. Education is one of the key factors in a person’s career development and Mary Wood shares her extensive years of experience and expert opinion to help you groom yourself or your child. Stay tuned to latest reviews and fact checks.


Mary now shares her experience through her expert opinion blog to get across to more lives.

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About Me

Mary Woods shares her extensive years of experience and expert opinion to help you groom yourself or your child

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Her blog is her effort to reach out to as many students and parents as she can to help with their careers.

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  • Common Issues That Tend To Lower Motivation September 30, 2021 Posted in: Coaching

    Motivation is a very vital force for the daily lives of people. It is something that has the power to make people do things that are almost impossible sometimes. There is a reason behind every motivation and that is something to be always kept in mind. However, what happens in daily lives is, the distractions cause a loss of sight and feel for that particular reason. This becomes the fact that deprives motivational force of its very base. Nowadays, people seek the help of online motivational coaching in Miami to get help with such circumstances.

    Here are some issues that tend to lower the levels of motivation.


    This is one of the biggest demotivating forces in life. It can almost jeopardize any movement in and out of life zones and even mind frames. Basically, fear is something that crops up as a result of false perceptions of things and the creation of a whole lot of unrealistic scenarios in the mind that have no relevance in the ongoing or maybe future realities. Fear often jumps in each and every time a person tries to achieve progress in his or her life by opting for the right path.

    Autonomy lack

    This can be one of the situations that are out of control of an individual but still, they seek to control it for their likelihood. However, some truths are universal and therefore cannot be bent to suit each and every individual’s desire. This is where people require finding alternatives and constructing new ways forward. The solution begins the moment one tries to accept the truth.

  • 3 Reasons Why Language Learning Is Important For Children June 18, 2021 Posted in: Education

    Learning a new language apart from the mother tongue is a blessing. It is preassumed and anticipated that people speaking more than one language have a strong memory, high restoration power, and critical thinking skills. It gives an opportunity to engage and expose oneself. The cognitive benefits of learning languages cannot be denied.

    As English is a widely accepted language, many try to excel at their communication skills or learn English as a second language. Online English tutor play a dynamic and vibrant role by educating children and training their minds to get hands-on in speaking English hence polishing their speaking skills.

    Few reasons to learn another language:

    Connect and Interact

    One of the most inspiring and aspiring aspects of learning another language is our ability to connect and interact with others. It is a highly appreciative and incredible thing. Being bilingual provides unique and wider opportunities to communicate with people at personal as well as professional level.

    Enhances your Confidence

    Learning a new language is a challenge for you till you gain proficiency in it. When you are able to converse with someone in their native language, your confidence is improved. As you keep on exploring a new language, you naturally draw comparisons and similarities. Thus, you can multiply your vocabulary leaps and bounds.

    Advance your Career

    Language skills can be highly important when you take it as a career builder. The demand for bilingual professionals is rising rapidly. Employers are seeking people who can communicate seamlessly with customers in new and expanding overseas markets. It always keeps you ahead of the crowd.

  • Benefits Of Reading Books Online For Kids April 24, 2021 Posted in: Education

    Kids used to enjoy reading before technology became a part of our lives, but this practice has steadily faded. Child psychologists have repeatedly emphasized the importance of instilling a reading habit in children. Reading books has many benefits, including vastly improved academic learning, enhanced educational outcomes, and enhanced communication skills.The internet world has given traditional styles and reading habits a new twist.

    Now, one can get started with reading the best story books for kids online. Here are some benefits of reading e-books:

    Relaxation  –  Reading books online is an excellent way to relax. Reading printed copies is incredibly difficult for today’s children as they have to hold the book all the time. That is the major reason why today’s students choose eBooks that combine real reading, musical rhymes, cartoons, and other elements.

    Supports imagination – Reading online is a delightful surprise that allows kids to experiment with color and imagination in a way that isn’t possible with actual white pages. Visuals can help people, particularly the newer generation to explore and catch their imagination.

    Wide variety available –  The amount of literature available on the web is immense, and it can meet the needs of any child or adult, regardless of demographics or educational context. Adults can read think papers written by the best industry experts, whereas children can be instantly enthralled by fiction stories.

    Builds focus and discipline – making a habit to read online instills discipline. It also helps kids to succeed in school and achieve higher academic grades by increasing their focus.

  • Benefits Of Fee Management Software In Schools March 12, 2021 Posted in: Education

    Organizations like schools require a plethora of operations for their efficient running and also undergo a number of projects and changes during their life cycle. As such they have an imminent need of funds and their proper management. Now, fee management has always been an integral part of a schools management system,but it was subjected to a lot of inefficiencies while running on the traditional models.

    The introduction of technology in the fee management systems has eliminated such aspects and improvised the overall working of the fee operations. Here are some of the benefits that fee management software provides.

    Remote access to data

    Financial recording of transactions essentially requires the aspect of transparency and accuracy. This is because the correct information helps the schools in avoiding legal troubles and formulates plans for improvements in the future. Therefore, the software for fee management provides access to the financial information to the key personnel via cloud spaces and integrated networks, so that the information cannot be tampered with as well as the authorities stay vigilant of the finances of the organization.

    Ensuring the maintenance of the standards

    Financial reporting and recording is always governed by government bodies and is bounded by laws. Therefore, adherence to them is a must for each and every financial document. Now with traditional accounting practices, it was very much possible to encounter situations of errors in recording or reporting or even avoidance of standards that can further lead to troubles. In the case of fee management software, there is no possibility of such errors or in compliance with the standards therefore improving the report efficiencies.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Student Loan Forgiveness November 2, 2020 Posted in: Education

    Student loans are an integral part of getting a college education at leading universities. Though having an educational loan can be burdensome on the students, but there are certain loan forgiveness programs that can apparently help in reducing a certain portion or getting rid of the debt all at once. Here, it’s important to note that: (a) every loan forgiveness program has strict caveats, and the students must abide by the same and (b) students have to meet the specific loan repayment plans before the loan can be forgiven.

    Why Student Loan Forgiveness Program Matters?

    There are several ways by which a federal student loan forgiveness program by certified company can be of immense help, and these include:

    • Ensures that students get rid of debt: Based on the type of forgiveness program that you qualify for, you can either take advantage of strategic loan repayment plans after which the entire amount is forgiven.
    • Many jobs qualify for the program: Your employer is primarily taken into consideration to determine whether you qualify for the program or not. This means you can do any job that you want and still take advantage of forgiveness only when the employer remains acceptable for the program.
    • You won’t have to pay tax on forgiven loan: Most of the student loan repayment plans come with tax implications, but that will never be the case when you consider forgiveness. So, you will not have to pay a hefty tax bill after the amount of the loan is forgiven.
  • Benefits Of Reading Inspirational Books October 10, 2020 Posted in: Education

    Motivation is highly needed to be successful. It is proven that there is a strong connection between motivation and unseen residual energy levels. This is the main reason why inspirational books and motivational speakers are very popular and are accepted widely. Listed below are some benefits that you get from reading inspirational or motivational books.

    Resets opinions and outlooks – If you already have skewed opinions and outlooks, then it is highly beneficial for you to read inspirational or life transforming books. It changes the mindset by expanding the belief of the reader and also strengthens the ideas. Inspirational books are deliberate and enthusiastic. The positivity in the inspirational books will easily reset the views, opinions, and outlook of the readers.

    Spurs actions – The major benefits that you can get from reading inspirational books is that it spurs actions. You meet many people that have exciting ideas but they lack the motivation that brings their ideas into actions. Such type of people will definitely get the needed fuel by reading inspirational books.

    Self-belief – Many people do not reach their potential because they have a lack of self-confidence. They can do anything, but they do not believe in themselves that they can’t execute the given task. The major portion of the inspirational book focuses on believing in self-abilities. By reading these books, the readers will surely get encouraged to work towards achieving their goals. Even if they fail, they can take it as a lesson to get successful in the next attempt.

  • Career Advice Necessary For Women July 26, 2020 Posted in: Career

    The most common challenge that women face is in creating balance in their personal and professional lives. With the presence of women in every possible career field, the situation is certainly not the same as compared to the last years, but choosing any particular career is still a challenge for many women.

    Do you wish to do a job or start a business? While some women have the acumen to start a business others are only comfortable in doing a job. You must assess all the aspects of working for someone else and doing business. You should also consider the risks that could be there in running a business as it will help you in dealing with it in the long-run.

    Which career field to choose?  The choice of career field depends on your educational background; however, many career options are there, but you may not be aware of them. By taking career coaching for women, you can easily make out which career will be excellent for you to choose.

    Work from home If you have a lot of personal responsibilities, then working from home is one of the excellent options for you as you don’t have to go anywhere to work. There are many websites online form where you can also find the option of freelancing.

    It doesn’t matter which career field you choose, it is important to know your strengths as a woman as this will help you achieve your career goals.

  • Types Of Books That You Must Read May 24, 2020 Posted in: Information

    Reading books not only increases your concentration level but also helps you to communicate. You can easily talk with the people and share your similar interests. Nowadays,you can easily get any type of book,in any category online. This easy availability attracts more customers. Reading thriller and mystery books makes you creative as you try to predict the further climax as the story moves further. You can also get the e-books and read them on the go.

    Some amazing books to boost up your thinking power

    • Cold war thrillercold war thrillers include the war that has no definite beginning or ending. The constant tension among the two parties, mostly countries, leads to cold war. The author makes it interesting by adding thrill to the story for the readers. Some stories have climax that will give you goose bumps.
    • Detective mystery – if you want to enhance your problem solving skills, you must go for mystery and detective story books. These books contain the stories that have plot twisting climax and hold the reader till the end of the story. These books are loved by people of every age group.
    • Historical fiction – if you are interested in history, you should definitely try reading books based on historical fiction. These books connect the readers to the past in an extraordinary way. The real past events are neglected instead the events are fantasized by the author. Mostly, elderly people love this category in the book section.
  • High Performance Tuition Online April 2, 2020 Posted in: Education

    There are certain students who have a very good mind but they are not very good while performing. This type of children can often be found demotivated and depressed at times. If you are a parent and know the potential of your child and he is facing problem while performing then you can do the best for him or her by getting high performance coaching. It can help him or her a lot in upbringing their performance in no time. The more experienced tutor you get, the more benefit he could give your child by motivating and boosting his confidence.

    Individual coaching

    The professional tutors can bring your child to his full potential whether in the field of academics, sports or social performance. You can get individual classes for your kid at your home only at affordable prices. This will help your kid in the long run. He will be able to achieve higher goals in life and make better relations with other people. This can also bring some crucial changes in the behavior of the kid. They will be more focused on their area of interest rather than doing other activities.

    Help him recover

    If your kid has faced some major setback in his life then it can also be a reason that is holding your kid from moving forward in life. The high performance tutors can also help him in recovering from that incident and motivate him towards the things in which he is good.

  • Career Opportunities For Students February 24, 2020 Posted in: Recruitment

    HR or Human resource is one of the most important fields of education in Qatar and plays a vital role in success of any business. There are a lot of institutes that provide HR courses in Doha and Qatar which you can also avail one for a good professional career. HR courses open a plethora of job opportunities for students and also offer lucrative packages.

    The following are some of the most prominent career opportunities for HR students –

    1)HR consultant – HR consultancy is one of the most popular job opportunities for HR professionals. With a lucrative pay to back it up, HR consultants provide services to top firms, based on their specializations. Companies hire them in order to oversee and improve a certain aspect of their employees or process and strategies and they charge a hefty fee accordingly.

    2)Employee training and education consultant – Human resource refers to proper management of the employees (humans) of any firm so that their efficiency can be raised without putting pressure on them. Employee training and education consultants provide services like on the job training, education and workshops for the employees in a firm. This significantly expands the skill sets of the employees and makes them self capable. This is also a high paying post and all of the top firms have these vacancies.

    3)Recruiter – One of the most frustrating, complex and time consuming tasks for a firm is to recruit the right candidate for the right job. Firms either hire professionals or hire agencies run by HR professionals for these things. With a hefty pay, this job requires recruiting the best talents for the right jobs.

    An Article by Beamreach Consultancy