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Types Of Books That You Must Read

24 May Types Of Books That You Must Read

Reading books not only increases your concentration level but also helps you to communicate. You can easily talk with the people and share your similar interests. Nowadays,you can easily get any type of book,in any category online. This easy availability attracts more customers. Reading thriller and mystery books makes you creative as you try to predict the further climax as the story moves further. You can also get the e-books and read them on the go.

Some amazing books to boost up your thinking power

  • Cold war thrillercold war thrillers include the war that has no definite beginning or ending. The constant tension among the two parties, mostly countries, leads to cold war. The author makes it interesting by adding thrill to the story for the readers. Some stories have climax that will give you goose bumps.
  • Detective mystery – if you want to enhance your problem solving skills, you must go for mystery and detective story books. These books contain the stories that have plot twisting climax and hold the reader till the end of the story. These books are loved by people of every age group.
  • Historical fiction – if you are interested in history, you should definitely try reading books based on historical fiction. These books connect the readers to the past in an extraordinary way. The real past events are neglected instead the events are fantasized by the author. Mostly, elderly people love this category in the book section.
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