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Welcome to Mary Wood’s Blog

Welcome to Mary Wood’s insights on Education in the US blog. Education is one of the key factors in a person’s career development and Mary Wood shares her extensive years of experience and expert opinion to help you groom yourself or your child. Stay tuned to latest reviews and fact checks.


Mary now shares her experience through her expert opinion blog to get across to more lives.

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About Me

Mary Woods shares her extensive years of experience and expert opinion to help you groom yourself or your child

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Her blog is her effort to reach out to as many students and parents as she can to help with their careers.

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  • Building Foundation Stone In Chemistry For Your Child May 21, 2018 Posted in: Education

    Science subjects are always the most challenging streams of knowledge as the principles and concepts lead to application in practical life. The other factor which makes learning of science subject tough is that one concept or principle leads to another concept. If you fail to understand the first chapter then it is most likely that you will not be able to understand the second chapter also. Thus, in few days or months the child loses interest in the subject. Learning of chemistry is tougher as it requires learning of various facts of various elements which leads to equations and so on. It is really tough to find out a good chemistry teacher in Bridgewater.

    Finding a good chemistry tutor

    It is really a tough job to find out a good chemistry tutor based on Bridgewater. A chemistry teacher, who can understand the problem of the student, and can be capable enough to provide solution to the problem, is the need of the hour. It really calls for great skills and passion to develop the liking in a student for the subject which he fails to understand properly.

    Customized solution for every student

    A good teacher tries to analyze the problem of his student before suggesting any solution to the student. He tries to find out as what exactly is the reason behind the lagging of the student in chemistry. Once he understands the problem area of the student, he confirms the same with model questions and problems. Then finally he provides solution to the problem of the student.

  • Get Your Child Free From Any Disorder April 17, 2018 Posted in: Education

    There are some young ones who are facing problems in getting the right education in New York. There could be many reasons for their behavior. They might be suffering from some kind of disorder that is holding them from being agile in the education. If you are also having a child that is undergoing such circumstances then you must prefer taking him to the best educational consultant of NYC. He can advice you over several issues that your ward is facing and how to get them rectified. You can also call him in your home if your son is not willing to go to him. The consultant can convince him and make him ready for some sort of therapy to get him normal.

    What is Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

    This is basically a group of disorders that young people acquire by the outer environment that they face while growing up. It includes autism, dyslexia, adolescent disorders and some other that create several difficulties for them. These are listed below:

    • Interacting or communicating with other people.
    • Repetitive behavior.
    • Areas of interest and activities are limited.

    These symptoms hurt that particular individual a lot mentally. It becomes hard for him to know the behavior that he could possibly show socially. These symptoms are shown at a very young age. If you have noticed these symptoms somehow in your kid then you must take him to the therapist immediately as the late you do it the more these symptoms will take control over him. Then his treatment will become even harder.



  • Dyslexia Tuition For Making Learning Easier For Your Child March 8, 2018 Posted in: Education

    In Yorkshire, parents are more attentive for their children. That is why they worry a lot for their future. Good parents always want their child to be one step ahead from others for which they might also force their child with studies. If a child is trying harder for reading and writing but still not getting better then you can figure out that it is due to dyslexia. These kids might appear good but they really are confused with letters or their sequences. They also find it hard to calculate numbers. They can count well on fingers but are not able to get it rightly on the papers. Any normal person can get frustrated for teaching them. Instead of scolding them, you can hire the dyslexia tuition from Yorkshire for them.

    student with tutor

    Why tuition?

    The children who are suffering from dyslexia often stay confused and it is hard to make them learn. They learn through feelings and emotions better and the dyslexia tutors are good at that. There are different grades are also created for this abnormality of brain. Some suffer much and some suffer less but an experienced tutor can handle any child and make him or her smarter so that they can face the world. These tutors have their own ways and strategies for teaching.

    One to one is better

    You must hire a tutor who does one to one tutoring as it can give full attention towards your child during a particular time period. You ward could also relate with him or her more frequently that way. You must get the tutor as soon as you identify the disorder regardless of the primary or secondary grade.

  • Tuition Teachers – Helping Children To Meet Academic Goals January 17, 2018 Posted in: Education

    Schooling is the most significant stage of children’s life. It is the time when they are filled with lots of energy and thoughts. Children have dreams and goals for their life that they want to achieve through hard work. Getting the top position in their class is one of the main goals of children at this stage. For this, they do more hard work and take help from internet to understand the confusing theories. Although, internet is a good medium to get informative content about your required topic, but it cannot take place of the oral method of teaching something. That is why it is the duty of parents to hire a tuition teacher for their kids.

    Hire tutor for your kids: In Slough, there are many local tutors who can provide your children with the best teaching. Tutors treat every kid individually and understand their requirements and mental level to use the right method in teaching so that your kids can easily understand the things. Tutors in Slough teach the children of various age groups and help them to achieve their academic goals easily.

    Tutors help GCSEs to smash their academic goals: During GCSE academic qualification, children need to pay their attention to various subjects evenly. Children should divide their study time in such a manner so that they can study all subjects evenly. But because of excess of study material they are unable to arrange their study timing. Tutors can help them to understand thoroughly the study material including various confusing topics. They can also guide children how to manage their time table for study.

  • Essay Writing Services For Your Needs November 25, 2017 Posted in: Education

    Essay is one common thing that most of the people would have written in their school days. Essay is a part of the assignment that needs to be done and submitted in the school. Most of the essays are really long and boring as well. Many students find it difficult to complete their essay and focus on their study. Most of their time is utilized in writing the essay, and the students don’t get enough time to focus on their studies. This is the reason why most of them prefer to take the help of essay writer who can write essay for them. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of taking these services.

    Additional time: The main benefit of this service is that the students get the additional time to study their course. There are many students who also do freelancing or work as a part timer. This is the big help for them as they can take care of their employment as well as focus on their studies.

    High quality content: Another benefit of taking essay writing services is that you got to get the high quality content delivered in no time. Your content will be unique and there will no plagiarism involved in it. High quality content will impress your teacher and will also help you get good numbers or grades.

    Improve your overall grades: These essay writing services can help you in improving your grades. Attaining high grades in essay writing will add up in your annual overall grades which will automatically improve your grades.

  • Personalized Storybook: The Most Effective Way Of Imparting Knowledge November 14, 2017 Posted in: Education

    Storybooks are getting quite popular these days, as most of the children love reading them and through this they gain some knowledge. Along with this, they also learn some moral values which are beneficial for their future. But, it is often noticed that plot and theme of most of the storybooks is similar due to which they do not sound much inspiring and appealing. If you are looking for something new and unique then you can go for personalized storybooks. This option has gained a wide popularity within a short period of time and many parents are finding it an efficient way to teach their growing toddlers. The main benefit of customized books is that you can add anything of your choice whether it is character, animal, tree, birds or anything you want.

    personalized storybook

    High quality material for printing books

    Many online book printing sites are there which you can choose for this purpose. Although, they will provide you many plots on which children’s books can be prepared but if you want to have your own story and theme, then you can mention it in the message. Once they will receive it they will start working on it. Along with inner content, parents can also provide design for the front and back cover of the book. The paper which will be used for the book will be of high quality, waterproof and hard cover will be used for back cover. In fact, many of them also provide vouchers that you can utilize in your next purchase, for this all you need to enter is voucher code on order page while making the payment.

    If you are interested in personalized storybooks, feel free to visit:

  • Having Problem In Finding A Suitable College For You – Take Help Of Consultants September 20, 2017 Posted in: Education

    These days, most of the students are travelling abroad in order to complete their higher studies and to get a degree. The main benefit of studying in a foreign country is that they offer lots of opportunities that will definitely change your life. Along with this, getting degree from any world’s top university will help you in getting a better job and with best pay roll. There are famous countries which you can choose to complete your studies. But, most of the time students get confused in finding an appropriate college for themselves so they take help of study consultants.

    Importance of study consultants

    Today, market is full of many reputable study consultancies who help students with their college prep and help them in getting admission in the best college and university. They will find out such university or college that will not go out of your budget and most importantly offer such courses that you want to do. Most of the students get stuck in the admission process as they are not familiar with the formalities, so in such situation also they can help you out. Being a specialized company, they know the process and are familiar with all the foreign college admission dates. They keep you updated with all the important information and details that are related with your admission.

    Why study in a foreign country?

    The main benefit of studying in abroad is that you will get a chance to experience a variety of cultures and traditions as people from different corners of the world come to study here. Along with this, the teachers are well trained and qualified that help in enhancing your knowledge.


  • Benefits And Importance Of Learning IT Course September 8, 2017 Posted in: Education

    Today, IT sector has become one of the most developing fields where many people are trying their luck. But, getting in IT sector is not as easy as it seems to be. You must have proper knowledge about computer, laptop and other devices. Along with this, one has to be familiar with other important courses which are helpful in developing applications, software and other programming. There are a number of courses that you can learn and one of them is dot net course which is very important and will definitely help you in getting the best paid job. It is a type of programming language which is used by many programmers for developing software and app. This language is easy to use, object oriented, portable and secure. While, due to increase in digital marketing the demand of dot net programmers is increasing day by day.

    man looking at monitor

    Efficiency of dot net program

    If you are passionate for programming then you can see your career in dot net like courses. There are many computer institutes and universities where this program is gaining wide popularity and many students are participating in it. There are many benefits of learning this technology, not because it is advanced but it is compatible, easy to understand and provides with better results. In fact, this programming is so efficient that it can even be integrated with other languages and systems so as to make them more effective. Along with this, it also comes with a set of tools which are user friendly and easy to use. These tools help in saving money, time and also provide you with better productivity.

  • Get The Help In Maths That You Want June 27, 2017 Posted in: Education

    School knowledge is not sufficient for many students when it comes to understanding the mathematics. Most of the students suffer from many kinds of problems, issues, and confusion especially with Mathematics. So, they need some external help in form of maths tuition which can help them to understand the basics of mathematics so that they can prepare themselves for the upcoming entrance examinations. This tuition can also help your children to prepare for 11+ entrance exam. There are many websites which provide online tutors who can help your children to improve their 11 plus maths so that they can succeed in the life. These websites provide many features which will be beneficial for your child. Some of the attractive features of these classes are listed below.

    kids in school

    Fun engaging class: Math is a really boring subject to study. But with interactive learning, math can be really interesting. The websites provide fun filled online classes using which your children can learn mathematics while having fun at the same time.

    Availability of classes: These websites provide 24×7 classes on a weekly basis. You can attend these classes to improve your math so that you can easily qualify your 11 plus entrance exam. You can select classes according to your availability. These websites provide you with weekly 11 plus classes as well as school holiday 11 plus courses.

    Updated tests: Most of the websites provide you with updated tests which you can take to improve your skills as well as learning. You can give as many tests as you want to boost your confidence as well as keep on practicing maths.

  • A Profitable Job Opportunity For The Knowledgeable Job Seekers March 28, 2017 Posted in: Education

    With the advancement in the living trends, there is a change in the job opportunities for the job seekers. Traditional teaching system is backed by lots of challenges which make it very complicated for the teachers to handle. Hence, the traditional learning system is now being replaced with the online one. In the present time, there are many online training institutes, online coaching, online schools and online tutorial services which enable the students to learn online. Due to an increase in the number of online learning institutes, there is an increase in the online tutors, instructors or teachers. Therefore, a massive job teacher network has been created over the internet to enable the teachers to easily find the job opportunities according to their credentials and experiences.

    Job with high potential to earn

    Online teaching job has the potential to enable the teachers to get the profitable income from the comfort of their homes. These days, lots of colleges are also recruiting the online teachers as the guest faculty to enable the students to learn new things from the professionals.  So, if you are specialized in any subject or you are capable of delivering the lectures, you can choose online teaching as your career.  By getting in link with the online teacher’s network, you can easily search the teaching job according to your preference.

    Online teaching job is beneficial as you get the flexibility to teach. There are no restrictions for the timings or anything else that prevents you from enjoying your freedom. When you choose to become an online teacher, you get the flexibility to deliver the lectures and offer tutorial services to earn better.